Love Your Bingo Celebrates First Birthday

Love Your Bingo has already begun their online bingo birthday celebrations. The past week has given players the chance to join in with some great online bingo promotions, including No Lose Hours, which have been taking place every day of the past week.

This Sunday night, the celebrations will be ending, but not without some great online bingo fun on Super Fun Sunday. Those who play online bingo at the Love Your Bingo site can join in with Big Prize Bingo games, as well as two special live draws, and chat games that come along with special Love Points.

The whole of Sunday evening, there will be an online bingo tournament in Bingo Bonanza, which comes with a prize pool of £50.

Big Prize Bingo tickets cost 20p each. The bingo game that is being played is a 90 ball bingo game, which comes with regular prizes for those that complete one or two lines on their bingo cards. The lucky player that completes a full house, will win both the main prize and the house prize.

Prizes for the Big Prize Bingo at the Bingo Bonanza include a DVD Player, an iPod Dock, an MP3 Player, a DAB Radio, or a Digital Picture Frame.

Players who wish to take part in these online bingo birthday celebrations should make sure to be signed up with the Love Your Bingo site, and make sure to be online at 6pm on the 14th November.

Gala Bingo Winners

Gala Bingo has recently had two very lucky winners. One of these is a lucky mum who won a £27K jackpot, with a stake of only £1.

The 48 year old housewife from Pershore, Worcester, was feeling a little under the weather, and to cheer herself up, she played an online bingo side game at Gala Bingo. The slot game she played is called Gold Mine, and it truly was a gold mine for her.

She certainly felt better once she had won £27,708, and decided to take her family on a winter vacation, and have her bathroom redone after 20 years.

This lucky winner at the Gala Bingo Internet bingo site said: “I couldn’t believe that I had won! I just stared at the screen for ages in disbelief then had to call my husband and son to check I wasn’t seeing things. We all started jumping about with excitement! Thanks to this incredible win I can take the whole family away and beat those winter blues! And, when we get back I’m looking forward to enjoying long soaks in a brand new bath tub!”

Another lucky lady, who lives near Glasgow, won £93,473 when she hit the Cash Climber jackpot on the same bingo side game. She had only used a stake of 20p. She has plans to use this win at this top bingo site to take her “partner off for an exotic holiday to celebrate” her winnings, and to use the rest of the money to help her buy a house.

Drive-In Bingo in Ireland

We have all heard of drive-in movies, but drive-in bingo is a new phenomenon that was recently started in Ireland. Although there are many bingo players that would prefer to play online bingo, where they can play in the comfort of their own homes, there are others who still like to go to bingo halls.

However, there have been recent moves to ban smoking in bingo halls, and for those who objected, Seamus Davis found a new way to please these bingo players. The drive-in bingo events do not only attract smokers, but non-smokers too.

These bingo events take place in County Meath. The bingo players simply drive their cars into a large field, the location of which is announced in advance. Players turn off their engines, but remain in their cars, and then buy bingo tickets.

Instead of shouting “Bingo!” players simply hoot their horns to indicate that they have made a bingo. Those organizing the event will then bring the winning players their prizes directly to their cars.

Mr. Davis said: “It’s also a great laugh and there’s been a lot of positive reaction. You can relax in your own car with friends or family, have a smoke if you want, and enjoy the game and not worry about parking. It is really catching on, and word of mouth is helping out with this.”

There are almost no overheads, which means that prize pools can be bigger, although once winter sets in, it remains to be seen if the popularity of these bingo games will remain, or if players will choose to play online bingo instead.

90 Ball Bingo

When online bingo players are deciding which online bingo games they would like to play, they can easily compare bingo games before they make a choice. While 75 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo, and 90 ball bingo games are all played in a similar way, there are differences.

90 ball bingo is the most popular form of land based UK bingo.

What is Different About 90 Ball Bingo?

The most obvious difference between 90 ball bingo, and other bingo versions, is the number of balls which are used in play. The other versions, being 75 ball bingo, and 80 ball bingo, are played with less bingo balls. The next major difference is the design of the bingo tickets, and therefore the patterns that are needed in order to win prizes, including the final bingo.

90 Ball Bingo Cards

Because there are more balls used in 90 ball bingo than other bingo games, and therefore, the bingo tickets are bigger than in other bingo games. The 90 ball bingo ticket has nine columns, and three rows. There are only 15 numbered squares on the grid, and the rest of the squares are left blank. Unlike the bingo cards used in other versions of online bingo games, the numbers are randomly placed on the ticket. Online bingo players who are not using auto daub need to be particularly vigilant, since the numbers are not in any particular order, which makes them a little more difficult to find on the bingo tickets.

In 90 ball bingo, there are six bingo tickets that are sold together, and these six bingo tickets make up the 90 ball bingo card. This means, that all of the 90 numbers are found on one bingo card. There are 15 numbers on each ticket, and 15 x 6 = 90. The numbers are not repeated on any of the bingo tickets that form one online bingo card.

What this means is that each time a number is called, the bingo players will find the number somewhere on their bingo card, and will need to daub the number.

What Constitutes a Win in 90 Ball Bingo

Once the player has purchased the bingo card, they will be able to play bingo. More than one bingo card may be purchased, with each online bingo site, or land based bingo hall setting their own limits as to how many cards may be purchased.

There are three bingo patterns that are used in the 90 ball online bingo games. The first player to complete one horizontal line will win the third prize. The bingo game continues, with the caller calling one bingo ball at a time. The player that covers two horizontal lines wins the second prize.

The final winner is the online bingo player who manages to cover all three horizontal lines on one of their bingo tickets (one of the six tickets that forms part of the 6-ticket bingo card.) This is called a Full House.

Wink Bingo Sign Up Bonuses and More

For those who are thinking of signing up with Wink Bingo, there has never been a better time.

Not only do players receive a 200% First Deposit Bonus for deposits that are between £5 and £100, they also have the chance to spin the wheel, a guaranteed way to make that first deposit grow. Players also receive a 50% bonus on all subsequent deposits that are between £10, and £100.

After making the first deposit at Wink Bingo, players get the chance to Spin the Wheel. Players who spin are guaranteed a minimum of £15, and can win a maximum of £1,000 in online bingo Bonus Funds, which will be automatically credited to the player’s Wink Bingo account.

Another great way that Wink Bingo rewards their players is with a 10% Cashback offer. Players receive 10% of any losses that they have sustained from deposits made earlier that week. Players will receive their cashback on Fridays, and the cashback time period goes from Friday to Thursday, inclusive of those days. The maximum amount that players will receive for the 10% Cashback offer is £300 for each week. The minimum amount is £1, so players that lose less than £1 during a one week period will not be eligible for cashback that week.

Wink Bingo offers a number of other promotions and tournaments with some great prizes. Players should also keep an eye open for special daily Deposit Bonuses that are displayed on the Wink Bingo homepage.

Win Royal Winter Getaways at JackpotJoy Bingo

Players at JackpotJoy Bingo are being offered exciting weekly winter getaways in the Royal Winter Getaways online bingo promotion.

In order to be eligible to enter this promotion, players need to end up as one of the top 100 players on any Wednesday this month. One of the top 100 players will have their name drawn on Thursday. This means that players can play this week on Wednesday 10th November, and they will be eligible for the draw on Thursday 11th November. This week’s prize comes in the form of Thomas Cook Holiday Vouchers for the value of £2,600, which can be used for a family holiday in Orlando.

Next week, players will stand in line to win a five day holiday in Mexico that is worth an incredible £2,500. In the last week of this November promotion, players can win a five day Las Vegas vacation., which is worth £2,200.

There is, however a catch for the potential winners. In order to be able to claim their prizes, they will need to be online at 7pm on each Thursday that they are eligible for the draw. Once the winner’s name has been drawn out of the hat, the online bingo promotions winner needs to ensure they are in the Internet bingo chat room. Not only do they have to be there, but they need to type the following within one minute, in order to be eligible for their prize: “Please your majesty, I need a holiday!”

Jackpot Bingo Hosts Fireworks Night

For those who like to play online bingo, and may prefer to stay in, rather than go out and about in the bonfire and smoke filled atmosphere of Guy Fawkes, Jackpot Bingo has provided a special bingo promotion for those who plan to celebrate Guy Fawkes in a different way.

The Fireworks Night – 5th November is one of the bingo promotions not to be missed, with prize pools getting increasingly larger as the night progresses. Players simply need to have a real money online bingo account at Jackpot Bingo, and go to Bingo Room 2 to find the special games.

There will be Firework B.O.G.O.F. (Buy One Get One Free) special games available, which include The Firecracker, The Bonfire, The Sparkler, and The Catherine Wheel. The bingo games will take place at 8pm, which has a prize pool of £40, at 9pm with a prize pool of £60, at 10pm, with a prize pool of £80, and the last top of the hour bingo game will be at 11pm, with a prize pool of £100.

For those who are new to this online bingo site, new players can receive £1 of free bingo money so that they can try out the site. Players do need to complete the registration form, however, no deposits are necessary, and what’s more, players can keep their winnings if they choose to sign up with Jackpot Bingo.

Shampoo Bingo Launches this Month

UK bingo players are awaiting the launch of a new Internet bingo site. The new online bingo site is Shampoo Bingo, and players are waiting for the chance to play online bingo games at this new bingo site.

As part of the launch, Shampoo Bingo will be having a prize draw, which will give one lucky online bingo player a pre-Christmas makeover.

Other online bingo promotions to look forward to at Shampoo Bingo are the 100% First Deposit Bonus, and a 50% Reload Bingo Bonus on any deposits that are made after the initial deposit when the players deposits an amount between £20 and £100.

David Marcus, of Shampoo Bingo, said: “Shampoo, as the name implies, is going to be indulging itself in the area of beauty and makeovers. Giving away our salon makeover is just the start. We have other salon prizes to give away along with a list of other indulgent prizes in the run up to Christmas. Initial reaction has been good and we can’t wait to get going.”

Shampoo Bingo will be powered by Dragonfish online bingo software. For those who wish to keep track of what this new online bingo site is offering, it is possible to join the online bingo site’s Facebook page, or to follow the site on Twitter. Another way to keep track of the bingo site is by free pre-launch bingo alerts, which can be sent to individuals if they register their details on

Littlewoods Bingo November Promotions

Littlewoods Bingo has much to offer their players this month. Every Wednesday, for the entire month, the online bingo site is offering players a 50% cash match when making deposits, with the limit being £50. Players will receive this discount when depositing between £10, and £50 for the first deposit of the day.

On selected days in the month, the 9th November, and the 22nd November, players are invited to join in with Value Day. On Value Day, online bingo players at Littlewoods Bingo get to play games for only 1p in the Bingo Café, between 9am and 9pm. Price pools for these Value Day games is a guaranteed £30.

As with other months, the last Wednesday of the month is one that is worth waiting for. At 9pm on the last Wednesday of every month, players need to meet in the Bingo Café, where they can take part in the Monthly 10K Bingo Game. The game that will be played is a 75 Ball Bingo game, which offers prizes for all the lines that are completed. For those who complete just one line, there are prizes of $1,000. Four lines complete gives players $2,000, and the player that bingos on full house ends up with the whopping $5,000.

For those who are beginning their Christmas shopping a little early, Littlewoods Bingo is offering players a promotion for the shopping site. Those who place order of £40 or more will receive an amount of £20 off on their first order.

Ruby Bingo Moves Over to Virtue Fusion

In the past, Ruby Bingo was powered by Playtech online bingo software. There were some issues for players because the wagering requirements were somewhat restrictive, and Ruby Bingo made the decision to move to another platform. The move to Virtue Fusion should bring some changes to make the players happy.

Apart from some great welcome offers, there is also a good range of online bingo games. The games include 75 ball bingo, 75 ball pattern bingo, 80 ball bingo, and 90 ball bingo. There is a buy one get one free online bingo room, and a speed bingo room.

The site, Ruby Bingo, will also offer a good range of bingo side games, which includes scratchcards, and a variety of slots. Included in this offering will be games with large progressive jackpots.

Although players will be able to continue play almost seamlessly, being able to keep the same player accounts, with bonuses and cash moving with the site from the Playtech bingo platform to Virtue Fusion’s bingo platform, they will need to choose a new chat name.

Up until now, Ruby Bingo has been available in a download version, however, with the new online bingo software that is being used, the site will be run in the same way as most of the other online bingo sites in the United Kingdom, in that it will be available in an instant, no download, bingo format.