90 Ball Bingo

When online bingo players are deciding which online bingo games they would like to play, they can easily compare bingo games before they make a choice. While 75 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo, and 90 ball bingo games are all played in a similar way, there are differences.

90 ball bingo is the most popular form of land based UK bingo.

What is Different About 90 Ball Bingo?

The most obvious difference between 90 ball bingo, and other bingo versions, is the number of balls which are used in play. The other versions, being 75 ball bingo, and 80 ball bingo, are played with less bingo balls. The next major difference is the design of the bingo tickets, and therefore the patterns that are needed in order to win prizes, including the final bingo.

90 Ball Bingo Cards

Because there are more balls used in 90 ball bingo than other bingo games, and therefore, the bingo tickets are bigger than in other bingo games. The 90 ball bingo ticket has nine columns, and three rows. There are only 15 numbered squares on the grid, and the rest of the squares are left blank. Unlike the bingo cards used in other versions of online bingo games, the numbers are randomly placed on the ticket. Online bingo players who are not using auto daub need to be particularly vigilant, since the numbers are not in any particular order, which makes them a little more difficult to find on the bingo tickets.

In 90 ball bingo, there are six bingo tickets that are sold together, and these six bingo tickets make up the 90 ball bingo card. This means, that all of the 90 numbers are found on one bingo card. There are 15 numbers on each ticket, and 15 x 6 = 90. The numbers are not repeated on any of the bingo tickets that form one online bingo card.

What this means is that each time a number is called, the bingo players will find the number somewhere on their bingo card, and will need to daub the number.

What Constitutes a Win in 90 Ball Bingo

Once the player has purchased the bingo card, they will be able to play bingo. More than one bingo card may be purchased, with each online bingo site, or land based bingo hall setting their own limits as to how many cards may be purchased.

There are three bingo patterns that are used in the 90 ball online bingo games. The first player to complete one horizontal line will win the third prize. The bingo game continues, with the caller calling one bingo ball at a time. The player that covers two horizontal lines wins the second prize.

The final winner is the online bingo player who manages to cover all three horizontal lines on one of their bingo tickets (one of the six tickets that forms part of the 6-ticket bingo card.) This is called a Full House.