Drive-In Bingo in Ireland

We have all heard of drive-in movies, but drive-in bingo is a new phenomenon that was recently started in Ireland. Although there are many bingo players that would prefer to play online bingo, where they can play in the comfort of their own homes, there are others who still like to go to bingo halls.

However, there have been recent moves to ban smoking in bingo halls, and for those who objected, Seamus Davis found a new way to please these bingo players. The drive-in bingo events do not only attract smokers, but non-smokers too.

These bingo events take place in County Meath. The bingo players simply drive their cars into a large field, the location of which is announced in advance. Players turn off their engines, but remain in their cars, and then buy bingo tickets.

Instead of shouting β€œBingo!” players simply hoot their horns to indicate that they have made a bingo. Those organizing the event will then bring the winning players their prizes directly to their cars.

Mr. Davis said: β€œIt’s also a great laugh and there’s been a lot of positive reaction. You can relax in your own car with friends or family, have a smoke if you want, and enjoy the game and not worry about parking. It is really catching on, and word of mouth is helping out with this.”

There are almost no overheads, which means that prize pools can be bigger, although once winter sets in, it remains to be seen if the popularity of these bingo games will remain, or if players will choose to play online bingo instead.