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When we choose bingo sites to review, you will notice that we have not listed hundreds of bingo rooms. We do not just pick out any old bingo site to conduct a review on, as we are quite picky on where we play bingo at. Our selection of bingo rooms detailed on this website clearly show such things.


Instead of just picking every room around, we pre-screen our bingo rooms that we detail in an effort to present our numerous bingo site visitors with informative reviews of the best bingo sites for them to play at. By listing only select bingo sites, we have done the leg-work for you. As a visitor to this site and bingo player, you can rest assured that your bingo resources are going to quality, trusted, and fun sites that are worthwhile to play bingo on.


Our screening process of bingo sites to review and list consist of looking at games selection, deposit options, ease of cash out, trust ranking, value added prizes and games, as well as ease & overall attractiveness of clearing the bonuses that are offered. Below are a list of the best of the best bingo sites, as well as a link to the bingo kingz online review of these elite bingo site.

Absolute Best Bingo Sites

The BingoKingz list of the absolute best bingo sites reads as follows: (in this order).


1. Costa Bingo – The best of bingo on the web is certainly Costa Bingo in our royal opinion. As far as prizes, bonuses, and free games selection, there is not even a close second. The Bingo Kingz are proud to name Costa Bingo to head our royal court of online bingo sites.


2. Moon Bingo – Moon Bingo’s appearance on this list came to a surprise to us. However, when we played here, the overall experience was truly out of this world. Moon Bingo’s prizes, which amount to millions each month, are second to none. Moon Bingo has definitely emerged to the top of the online bingo universe despite being a rather new bingo room.


3. Bingo Hero – While we are used to the royal treatment being Kingz and all, we have to concede that being treated like heroes isn’t so bad. And that’s how we were welcomed at Bingo Hero. Everyone arriving to play at Bingo Hero is given a most heroic welcome. We absolutely love the tiered bonus system and the Bingo Hero cash back rewards is unprecedented in terms of player incentives.

Honorable Mention

When creating our list of bingo site reviews that were worthy of royal mention, we also had to take into consideration payment options. We couldn’t help noticing that many of the elite bingo sites, including all of those listed in the royal court of top bingo sites did not accept PayPal. This was quite surprising to us, as PayPal is definitely the most widely used e-wallet around. Our royal minds thought that if they allowed for bingo play, which PayPal does, then it would stand to reason that the elite sites would accept payment via PayPal. This is not the case. In fact, very few bingo sites we reviewed took Pay Pal as a means of deposit or cash out. Of our bingo sites that we reviewed, William Hill Bingo was the only one of the bunch who allow for bingo play through PayPal accounts. For this very reason, we have to give WilliamHill bingo a spot in our online bingo royal court at the top of our bingo sites listings.

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