90 Ball Bingo

When online bingo players are deciding which online bingo games they would like to play, they can easily compare bingo games before they make a choice. While 75 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo, and 90 ball bingo games are all played in a similar way, there are differences.

90 ball bingo is the most popular form of land based UK bingo.

What is Different About 90 Ball Bingo?

The most obvious difference between 90 ball bingo, and other bingo versions, is the number of balls which are used in play. The other versions, being 75 ball bingo, and 80 ball bingo, are played with less bingo balls. The next major difference is the design of the bingo tickets, and therefore the patterns that are needed in order to win prizes, including the final bingo.

90 Ball Bingo Cards

Because there are more balls used in 90 ball bingo than other bingo games, and therefore, the bingo tickets are bigger than in other bingo games. The 90 ball bingo ticket has nine columns, and three rows. There are only 15 numbered squares on the grid, and the rest of the squares are left blank. Unlike the bingo cards used in other versions of online bingo games, the numbers are randomly placed on the ticket. Online bingo players who are not using auto daub need to be particularly vigilant, since the numbers are not in any particular order, which makes them a little more difficult to find on the bingo tickets.

In 90 ball bingo, there are six bingo tickets that are sold together, and these six bingo tickets make up the 90 ball bingo card. This means, that all of the 90 numbers are found on one bingo card. There are 15 numbers on each ticket, and 15 x 6 = 90. The numbers are not repeated on any of the bingo tickets that form one online bingo card.

What this means is that each time a number is called, the bingo players will find the number somewhere on their bingo card, and will need to daub the number.

What Constitutes a Win in 90 Ball Bingo

Once the player has purchased the bingo card, they will be able to play bingo. More than one bingo card may be purchased, with each online bingo site, or land based bingo hall setting their own limits as to how many cards may be purchased.

There are three bingo patterns that are used in the 90 ball online bingo games. The first player to complete one horizontal line will win the third prize. The bingo game continues, with the caller calling one bingo ball at a time. The player that covers two horizontal lines wins the second prize.

The final winner is the online bingo player who manages to cover all three horizontal lines on one of their bingo tickets (one of the six tickets that forms part of the 6-ticket bingo card.) This is called a Full House.

80 Ball Bingo

80 Ball Bingo Overview

Even though 80 Ball Bingo is not offered at all online bingo rooms, it has become a very popular online bingo game. For those that have played bingo with either 75 balls, or 90 balls, learning to play 80 Ball Bingo will be easy to do.

Those who choose to play 80 Ball Bingo may simply be looking for something a little different, or perhaps feel that 75 balls are too few, or that 90 balls are too many. 80 Ball Bingo gives players the chance to enjoy a happy medium.

Online 80 Ball Bingo has its origins in the United Kingdom, and is similar to the land based bingo games ShutterBoard, or CashLine.

80 Ball Bingo Cards

Usually, the 80 Ball Bingo cards are laid out in a 4 x 4 square, which means that each board has 16 numbers on it. These games often use patterns such as an X, horizontal lines, vertical lines, diagonal lines, the center square made up of the four bingo numbers in the center of the board, blackout bingo, in which all numbers need to be covered.

There are four color groups used, and each line corresponds to a different color. Each set of 20 numbers that are on the calling board are represented by different colors, with 1 – 20 being red, 21 – 40 are yellow, 41 – 60 are blue, and 61 – 80 are silver. Usually, each line of four numbers is from a different color group.

In land based 80 Ball Bingo, shutter boards are used. Shutter boards are simply boards that have little shutters that can be slid over the numbers as they are called. Players do not actually daub the numbers, and the boards can be used again and again. In online 80 Ball Bingo, even though players obviously cannot pull shutters over the numbers, the players are most likely to see the numbers shaded out instead of daubed in the usual manner.

The 80 Ball Bingo Game

To begin with, players purchase bingo cards, or tickets, at their favorite online bingo site that offers the 80 ball bingo variation. As with bingo that is played with either 75 balls, or with 90 balls, the bingo caller, or the virtual bingo caller, calls out numbers and players mark off those that appear on their online bingo tickets.

When the bingo player has managed to cover all the numbers for the pattern that is being used in the game, they will shout out “Bingo!” or simply press the bingo button on their computer screens.

When playing in online bingo rooms, it is possible to use auto-daub, a feature that will automatically mark off any numbers that have been called. This is done by using the online bingo software, and it also makes it easier to play more bingo cards in each game, since the software will keep track of the numbers, and the bingos.

75 Ball Bingo

Bingo rules are quite easy to master, as the game itself is fairly simple one. One of the most popular online bingo games is the 75 Ball Bingo game, which is particularly popular in the area of North America.

75 Ball Bingo Tickets

The first thing that players will notice when looking at the 75 Ball Bingo card, or bingo ticket, is that the card is set up on a 5 x 5 grid. At the top of the cards are the letters spelling out the 5-lettered word, bingo (B-I-N-G-O). Each letter is above one column of numbers. It is possible to find 6,000 different combinations of numbers on the cards used in the 75 Ball Bingo game.

A selection of the numbers from 1 to 75 are randomly placed on the bingo card, however, there is some structure to these randomly placed numbers. The middle square, which is 3 across, and 3 down, is a blank square, or a free space, which does not need to be marked off, but does count towards a bingo line.

The numbers that will appear under the B of bingo, will be randomly selected from between 1 and 15. The numbers under the I are selected from 16 through number 30. The numbers under the N will be chosen from 31 to 45. The numbers that are found under the G column will be selected from 45 to 60, and the numbers found under the O are chosen from 61 through 75.

Do All the Numbers on the Bingo Card Need to be Covered?

The bingo hall, or online bingo site will inform players which line, or lines, need to be covered. At times, the game will be won when a player has a specific vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, line that should have all the numbers covered. Other times, there may be a specific pattern that needs to be covered, perhaps just the four corner squares, or even the whole card. Once a player has covered the numbers according to the predetermined pattern, they should call out, or click on, BINGO!

Drawing the Bingo Numbers

In land based bingo, there is a bingo caller. The bingo caller will call out each number as it comes out of a cage, or similar receptacle. Once a number is called, players need to mark it off on their bingo card, or cards. The caller will continue to call numbers until a player has achieved a bingo, and sometimes, depending on the rules of the specific game, will continue to call numbers for second or third place, and so on.

When playing online, there may be a virtual bingo caller available, which players can hear when they turn on their speakers. The numbers, however, are selected by online bingo software, a Random Number Generator, which will select the numbers between 1 and 75. The numbers will appear on the players computer screen, even if there is a virtual bingo caller being used.

General Online Bingo Tips

Be Aware of Online Bingo Bonuses and Promotions


Players playing online bingo should be aware of any good online bingo bonuses and promotions that are available. Internet bingo sites constantly offer new promotions and also bingo bonuses. Many of the online bingo bonuses are offered for new players, however, there are often bonuses that are offered for those who are veteran online bingo players that are worth taking advantage of.


When accepting online bingo bonuses, or choosing to take part in one of the bingo promotions, players should make sure to check the Terms and Conditions of the bonus or the promotion. If it seems that you will not be able to fulfill the Terms and Conditions of the bonus offered, it is best not to accept the bonus, and the same goes for online bingo promotions.


Auto-Daub Keeps You on Top of the Game


When playing bingo, players mark off, or daub, the numbers that have been called, and appear on their bingo cards. When playing bingo online, most online bingo sites will offer the auto-daub option. It is always best to use this option so that you do not miss any of the numbers. The auto-daub feature means that the online bingo software will automatically daub any numbers that are called, which appear on any of your bingo cards that are in play at the time.


Auto-daub not only ensures that players do not miss any numbers, but also gives them the freedom to focus on other things, such as chatting in an online bingo chat room. When using auto-daub, players will not feel like they are unable to get up from their computers for a short time in the middle of a bingo game.


The auto-daub option allows players to play more bingo cards than they would be able to if they had to worry about marking off their bingo cards manually.


Make Use of Free Bingo Games


Another advantage of playing bingo online, as opposed to playing bingo in a bingo hall is that players have the option to play games for free. When talking about free bingo games, this is not talking about a promotion that offers free games. The games are played for free, and players do not win anything in these games. Both new and veteran players will want to make use of free bingo games.


For new online bingo players, free bingo games give the players the chance to familiarize themselves with the game of bingo, and they can also get to know the bingo site they are playing at before they make any real money deposits. Veteran players will find free bingo games useful when they are trying out a new online bingo site, or simply when their online bingo budget for the month has run out, but they wish to continue playing, even if not for real money.